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Student and Family Services

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

We provide the following services for our students and families: a) Educational Consulting; b) Degree Program & Institutional Matching; c) Application Assistance; d) Audition and Interview Preparation Assistance; e) Educational Workshops; f) Campus Tour Scheduling; and more...

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Educational Counseling

The Path to Success

We work with students and families to establish a higher education and career profile, and explore various degree program and career options. Based on student interests and goals, we develop a portfolio of options to choose from, and help them create an Academic and Personal Plan for success.

Degree & Institution Matching

Expert Guidance

Based on information gathered from the student higher education and career profile, we match them with the colleges/universities that are the best fit for their degree and career goals.

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School Application

College & Scholarship Application Guidance

Every Detail Matters

We provide assistance and support with completing college applications, and public and privately funded federal, state, and local scholarship applications.

Audition and Interview Prep

A Polished Product

We assist with audition and interview preparations for extracurricular programs, sports, Honors programs and Scholastic Organizations, and more... 

We work with students to capture and format audition videos, and create mock interview sessions for students to improve their skills when answering open-ended questions regarding their academic and extracurricular experience. 

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Educational Workshops for Students & Families

Expert Guidance

We provide several academic and financial workshops for students and families, to help prepare them for college (e.g., FAFSA workshop, Time Management, Freshman & Transfer Success Workshops, Academic & Career Planning Workshops, Budgeting Workshops, etc...)

Campus Tour Scheduling

Expert Guidance

We work with students and families, and our partner institutions to schedule a campus tour experience that is tailored to student needs and interests, and academic goals.

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